Jonathan Ryan, Organist

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
Kansas City, MO
Sunday, October 17, 2010
• 7:30 pm

Prelude & Fugue in D Major, BWV 532

Noel: Where are these happy shepherds going?

Pastorale & Toccata (1991)

Jerusalem, My Happy Home
I Love Thee, My Lord

Passion Symphony, Op. 23
     The World Awaiting the Savior

Johann Sebastian Bach

Claude Balbastre

David Conte
(b. 1955)

George Shearing
(b. 1919)

Marcel Dupré

Organ built by Aeolian-Skinner, Op. 1141 (1960)/Quimby, Op. 37 (1993), IV/65
Organ specification


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